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The Japan Adhesive Industry Association publishes the following materials with the aim of distributing information about and assisting the development of adhesives and adhesive technology.
Please contact the JAIA headquarters if you would like copies of these publications.

"Setchaku-Dokuhon" --The Basics of Adhesives [Japanese]
(A6, 260 pages, price ¥1500 not including shipping)
This is an introduction to adhesives, and contains a basic summary of adhesives and the adhesives industry. A leaflet is also available containing a quick reference guide to problems with adhesives and an index of how to use adhesives (available for the cost of shipping, otherwise free of charge).
The leaflet contains a summary of how to use each type of adhesive, and is aimed at the general customer.

Handbook on using construction industry adhesives [Japanese]
(B6, 180 pages, price ¥1000 not including shipping)
This handbook is geared toward all areas of the construction industry, and contains information on selecting and handling adhesives, all condensed into a single book.

Japan Adhesive Industry Association standards [Japanese]
(A4, price ¥200 to ¥800 depending on item not including shipping)
Self-regulation of adhesive use for foodstuff packaging (A4, price ¥500 not including shipping)
A list of what adhesives not to use for lamination applications.

Household-use adhesives and the indoor environment [Japanese]
(A4, price ¥1500 not including shipping)
Reports from the indoor air quality project.

Please contact the following for any enquiries about these publications:
2nd Fl., Maruishi Bldg.,
10-4 Kajicho 1-Chome, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0044, Japan
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