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Japan Adhesive Industry Association Standards
The Japan Adhesive Industry Association has established several Japan Adhesive Industry (JAI) standards for urethane adhesives (for construction and double-framed soundproofed floor materials) and for epoxy resin adhesives (for construction), and it uses these standards to determine product quality in order to ensure that adhesive products can be used with confidence by consumers.
In addition, the JAIA has created a "JAI mark" which is affixed to products which meet the levels of JAIA standards, so that customers can purchase the products with greater confidence too.
Adhesive products bearing the JAI mark are certified as meeting a certain quality standard, and so we encourage consumers to look for the mark when buying adhesive products for use in their construction and construction material applications.

Urethane resin adhesives for construction use
Epoxy resin adhesives for construction use
Urethane resin adhesives for double-framed floor use

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